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Celebrate A ‘Feliz Pascua’ Happy Easter with San Churro + Win a Hamper

Nothing Says Feliz Pascua like chocolate Easter treats from San Churro!

Easter is about spending time with our nearest and dearest, and what better way to celebrate than by treating your loved ones with the quality chocolate gifts they deserve this Easter.
Whether you’re renowned for your sweet tooth or prefer a more occasional relationship with chocolate indulgence, San Churro, Australia’s leading chocolate café, has created a range of delicious chocolate treats to help you celebrate this Easter.

This Easter we are having a different kind of bunny visit our house. A luxurious bunny who delivers high quality and melt in your mouth chocolate delights to make any mouth water for more!
San Churro’s Easter Bunny stopped by our house to deliver a special package for our family and possibly your family!! (Continue reading to find out how you could possibly win a hamper just like ours!)

Easter Hunts are something that we all experience at least once in a lifetime and if you haven’t then you are never too old to have an Easter Hunt so why not start with San Churro!
Niah is a little too young to understand an Easter Hunt at the moment but she sure does know smells and looks of what is good enough to go in her mouth and in this case San Churro’s laughing Chocolate Bunny didn’t even come out of the packaging yet before Niah was trying to sink her teeth into him and mind you this was at 8am in the morning! I think we have a little sweet tooth in the household! (As pictured above)


San Churro’s collection of 19 truffles and pralines are made from the finest of Spanish couverture chocololate. Available in illustrated Easter gift boxes of 4 and 9 truffles, these are the perfect gift for epicures and chocolate connoisseurs.

These darling little cherished box of gorgeously spiced chocolate to mix things up remind me of christmas pudding – gosh I love food when it comes to special occasions, the stuff they come out with is amazing but I hate waiting so long for it to be released again which is what I think is going to happen to me with these Easter Truffle & Pralines!
They’re the perfect little snack bite size treatie for more so the adults rather then the kids.

This sweet little trio of chocolate truffle eggs make for an adorable and delicious gift that will excite and delight this Easter.

These look too good to eat, they look like they need to be framed and displayed on a wall.. maybe in one of those break incase of an emergency frames – don’t know how long they would last in my house though! The twist of different coloured and patterned designs on top are what really make these eggs pop!


This beautifully packaged premium milk couverture chocolate egg is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of any chocolate lover!

The perfect Easter egg present for any one of all ages will be delighted to receive this prezzie!

Nothing says “Happy Easter” like a San Churro laughing chocolate bunny! Made with San Churro’s Spanish milk couverture chocolate this jolly bunny is a delicious treat that’s large enough to share… but we’d understand if you don’t want to.

This is another one that can be for all ages but the younger ones will always enjoy a bunny figure chocolate more then us adults. I love the little bow on these bunnies – cute colouring and better then a carved in one.

Celebrate Easter just as we are with San Churro!
This pack contains everything that is pictured in the very first picture. 
To enter simply fill in the Rafflecopter form below. Please read the T&C’s within.
Competition closes 30th April, 2014 – a little later then Easter but you’ll be able to celebrate twice!


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