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Here’s to a fitter and healthier life!

Just before I fell pregnant with Niahbella, my life had changed around and I was starting to feel good about myself. 
I would go to the gym 5 times a week – these wouldn’t be your 45mins to an hour workouts. I would spend 2-2.5hrs at the gym doing my own workout and then going into a class or doing a double class. 
I was eating so much more food then what I would have had when I was eating junk food and I was loosing weight! 

Balancing a proper good choice diet with the addition of supplements and having a good fitness exercise plan worked out I dropped 21kgs! 

At current I have gone back to the way I was feeling when I first went on a weight loss journey before being pregnant. 
I have no self confidence, I tend to walk fast when I go out to the shops or anywhere because I think that people won’t have the time to see enough to make judgement on me, I feel that if I’m out in public all these eyes are stareing at me because of my weight, going past shop windows and seeing my reflection is horrible! 

I fell into the habit of saying I don’t have time and that’s the mistake and error that has got me into this mess. I do have the time, I can make time! 
I can put Niah into the pram for her morning nap and go for a walk. 
I could put on a fitness DVD and pop Niahbella in the jumperoo to laugh and clap on her mummy getting fit. 
I could do mummy & bubby fitness exercises where I use Niah as my weight for lunges, squats etc. or I could find a mum & bubs type fitness class.

Originally I had said give me 6-12 months and then we’ll go for no.2, it’s been 8 months since I’ve had Niahbella and I’m still doing nothing about my body so here is where I’m saying enough is enough; no more fatty bomba that has no self confidence! 

My diet is what is getting me here in the first place. 
I need to make better food choices and stop being a lazy fast food eater and picking the junky food snacks instead of picking up a piece of fruit or veg instead. 
Not only do I need to do this for myself but I need to be setting an example for Niahbella as she is watching what I have and being at the age where she is now eating solids and having proper food like mummy I need to be role modeling instead of giving her the good food whilst I sit their shoving my face with the junk. 
I’m not saying that I’m going to give up my beloved chocolate and fat foods altogether as I believe in moderation is fine and a treat now and the can’t hurt. 

I’m going to find that willpower within me again and say goodbye self conscious mummy, goodbye to the shop runner who doesn’t like going out in public mummy, goodbye to the junky unhealthy eater mummy! 

What I plan to bring to my blog is:

– progession shots 
– healthy reciepes
– product reviews 
– clothing wear recommendations/ reviews

– supplement recommendations/ reviews 
– online journal entries with how I’m feeling and progressing along
– budget meals
– healthier food choice comparisons 

I look forward to sharing my journey with you all. 

I’ll leave you with some transformation shots of what I did on my last journey. 

Leave me a comment with things you might want me to try out, things that you think would work for me or if you just want to show some encouragement – all your comments help! 

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