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Tackle Humidity Head-On: Top Tips From Hair Guru Kevin Murphy

With the change in seasons and cold, wet days becoming more frequent, your hair can start to suffer and have a mind of its own. But don’t fear – international hair master Kevin Murphy has some tips on how to prep your hair to handle the humidity as best you can.
“On humid days, what you put in your hair and what you keep in your handbag are as important as how you style it, never leave home without your dry shampoo or powdered texturiser, they are your best friend on damp days” says Murphy.
“The most painless way to deal with humidity is to go with a low maintenance hairstyle. For the very humid days, go for a sleek ponytail, a bun or a messy plait. Try and use products that don’t contain too much moisture as this only attracts more moisture.”
“You can create a loose messy braid and go for the modern milk maid look.”
Murphy also recommends keeping your hair off the shoulders and neck so the movement created from the damp air looks intentional, FRESH.HAIR and POWDER.PUFF work perfectly for a fresh, tousled, ‘weather friendly’ style.
“If you have thick hair, go with wavy or curly hairstyles. Humidity is great for creating curl, just use a light lotion and stay away from heavy moisturisers and waxes. Lightweight products and lotions work best in humidity, and if you want a style with volume, you can create it by teasing at the roots,” explains Murphy.
There are a few tools Kevin Murphy recommends to fight the frizz during the change in seasonswhich we’ve included below.  
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