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Health Drink: Bionade Review

BIONADE [Bee-oh-nah-deh]: 
A healthy, organic drink that is made through fermentation like beer but is fizzy and tasty like soft drink.

As Australians embrace clean and organic eating, it’s also time to rethink fizzy beverage choices and opt for a healthier alternative to soft drinks that are full of sugar and other nasties… Enter BIONADE! 

To begin with I was not for this drink at all and thought it was horrible but this way likely to be my thought seems I was addicted (very addicted) to soft drink and would drink several glasses a day, I am not proud of my little soft drink addiction but let me tell you that it is broken now!

I was really hesitant to try these drinks again after I had them for the very first time so it took a lot to get me to re-try these again. As you will know from my recent past posts I am on a weight loss / health & fitness journey and I am cutting the bad things from my diet which included soft drink so I thought Bionade may replace that for me and help with the little cravings I get when I want some bubbly fizzy drinks.  To my surprise second time around these drinks weren’t that bad. I do think they are a little gassy for my liking and a bit bitter in taste but I could drink these on a now and then occasion to replace that fizzy drink intake.

BIONADE comes in four unique flavours including Ginger & Orange (zesty and spicy), Lychee (crisp and fruity), Elderberry (berry-licious), and Herbs (fresh and mellow); delicious, fresh and distinctive flavours developed using real juices and natural ingredients.
Now Herbs and the Ginger & Orange require an acquired taste I believe, I was not a fan to be honest and couldn’t stomach much of them. Elderberry would have to be my favourite if I had to pick one followed by Lychee – they both were a more sweeter tasting drink.

I couldn’t get through a full bottle whenever I drank Bionade unfortunately so I would love to see Bionade release a smaller version of their drinks.
Bionade has just recently added Cola to their family and this would be a flavour I would love to try out as I think this would be more my forte as it was cola flavoured soft drink I was addicted too.

Certified organic in both raw ingredients and production, BIONADE is low in sugar, is free from preservatives, colourants and artificial flavours, is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is gluten free. It contains plenty of good stuff like calcium and magnesium and is without the bad ones; it’s low in sodium and phosphorous free.

Distinctively fruity, not but too sweet it’s the production process of this healthy soft drink that makes it so unique. The creator of BIONADE (a Bavarian beer brewer by the name of Dieter Leipold) dreamt of a brewed soft drink that’s 100% organic. It’s brewed like beer with the same purity law as German beer, but without the alcohol content. Made with 100% organic ingredients, natural aromas, extracts and juices obtained from real fruits and herbs, the entire production process is organic as well.

BIONADE – **RRP $4.00** can be purchased at local cafés, health food stores and online. 

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