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Health Product Review: GreenTeaX50

Alright so for the past 2 weeks I have been using a product called GreenTeaX50 which is something I have wanted for ages to try out but I was never able to find stockists around me to get my hands on a sample. After attending the Aus Health & Fitness Expo in April I was able to get a few samples and give myself a good trial on them before I decided whether or not to purchase it myself.
I did end up buying a box just the other day as I had about a weeks worth of samples before I ran out and then ended up purchasing a box myself as I was liking the changes I was seeing.

Basically to sum up the GreenTeaX50 it is a health / weight loss aiding powder that you add into water and it is meant to help burn calories, clean your body and boost metabolism. It only contains 10 calories per serve and has 20 cups of green tea within that one serve!
Anyone who is looking to lose weight is going to go great, where do I start as that’s everything I want to achieve so I am going to give you my thoughts on this product and tell you about how it went for me.

This product has claimed that it is a detox, fat burner and metabolic booster, I’ll dissect this into each claim..

DETOX – Now when it comes to the detox side of things I can see how it gives you that clean out! For the first week it was straight after breakfast that I would need to dash to the toilet as I was badly needing to do a number 2 (politest way to say it), within the first few days I felt that urge to want to go half way through the drink but the more I took this product the less of an urge to need to go half way through or straight after… I think my body was building a tolerance to the GreenTeaX50 so I didn’t have that urge straight away.

FAT BURNER – Although I lost 3kgs in my first week it is hard to say whether this was the aid that got me there because I was on such a low calorie deficit and giving my body the correct amount of food it needed to be able to break that down and use as fuel for my body instead of sending half of it away to fat stores because I was shoving my face constantly with such massive amounts of carbs.
I did find that it make me a little bit hotter then I usually am and got a sweat on more then user in hotter places and would sweat out of no where when I was doing much at all.

METABOLIC BOOSTER – I guess you can refer to the detox part that I put out above as this helped my metabolism system as I am not usually that regular in the mornings and at that fast rate.

I’m not sure where this would fit into but something I found also with using GreenTeaX50 was this product made me this pregnant lady again who was busting for the toilet quite often and felt like every two seconds I needed to urinate again. These toilet runs weren’t just a little tinkle it is like you are a huge waterfall attraction!

It is claimed to give you energy as well – I am not seeing this through the one sachet a day but hopefully with 2 a day this might pick up.

GreenTeaX50 comes in 3 flavours – ORIGINAL, RASPBERRY & TROPICAL.
What I was really surprised with was that it wasn’t really badly chemically tasting, I have tried a lot of supplements in my short little life span and in my fitness days but nothing has probably tasted as good as this being a health aiding supplement.
GreenTeaX50 does mix pretty well when put into a shaker and shaken up, with minimal amounts of those ‘floaties’ at the bottom.

ORIGINAL – This one has a very strong non-pleasent smell and the best way I could describe it was the smell of urine, so hold those noses and do not breathe in when you are drinking this flavour!
I hate Green Tea on its own and all I can compare the taste to, is like having fire in my mouth or liking a cigarette ash tray – GreenTeaX50 original flavour does not have the slightest taste of green tea what so ever to me and is really okay for me to drink with having to pull a scrunched up face afterwards.

RASPBERRY – Raspberry for me is too sweet of a flavour. It reminds me of cordial which is probably a good thing for most consumers but cordial – I have never been a fan of ever.

TROPICAL – Ahhh! My favourite, I am a not very keen on much ‘tropical’ fruits like your oranges, mangoes etc when eating them in their raw form but when it’s in a drink, I am down for that! Tropical has no tangy or furry taste like you would get in say a tropical juice, it’s just a dash of tropical in the green tea that makes it perfect to my likings.

Bottom of shaker after shaken – Raspberry 
Bootom of shaker after shaken – Original

Each sachet is a 3g serve and is mixed into 600ml of water – this isn’t a supplement that needs to be skulled and can just be casually drunk till finished.

I am about to enter into week 3 of using GreenTeaX50 and have a box of 60 assorted flavours – A box of 60 is meant to last you a month because they say that to get the best results from the product you are to have it twice a day as a recommended dose but its up to you. If you feel you only need 1 then do so.
I tried 1 a day for the first two weeks and as explained above I think for week 3 and 4 I might try 2 a day to see the differences and I will report back.
GreenTeaX50 claim that if you take 1 a day this is just for improving your overall health but when you take 2 a day that it will stimulate your metabolism and give it optimum rate to help burn more calories.

My only concern was that I didn’t want to have to spend another $60 for a months worth of GreenTeaX50 as I am sure I am with a lot of consumers or consumers who are looking to buy that $60 a month for this is a pricey expense especially when you have a little family like myself.
If 1 a day is enough for you then $30 a month is an adequate fair amount I would think and would be happy to sacrifice towards GreenTeaX50.

As I went into a little bit above – a box of 60 is about $60-$70 retail price and then you can get a 30 pack for $35 and some places may have a sampler pack of 14 for $18.
The best place to purchase these would have to be eBay – I got my box from eBay for $54.95 with free express post.
Here is the link to the Supplement Depot who I brought through via eBay:
Supplement Depot sent me my purchase with a free gym wet bag and free sweat towel via star track express with needs signature on delivery so you will never have to stress about getting it pinched if you are not home to take delivery.

Watch this space for an update on how I went with taking two (2) sachets a day, I will report back in a fortnights time.

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Please note: This product WAS NOT sent out to me, I purchased this product myself and these opinions are my own honest thoughts. 


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