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Closer To Nature – Perfect Prep Machine REVIEW + GIVEAWAY

Closer to nature – Perfect Prep Machine 
RRP $250

I seriously have been wanting a machine that does exactly what the Perfect Prep Machine has to offer, if anyone was to ask Dan he would agree that I would whine on a daily basis about not having something that easily does baby bottles.

Perfect Prep Machine by Closer To Nature is perfect for those bubs who are feeding often and especially when you have bubs in the room with you at night time also. I always complained to Dan that I wanted a bottle warmer so I didn’t have to get up at night to go kitchen and make one when I wasn’t breastfeeding anymore.
Yes I know a bit lazy but our house is cold because of the tiles and we set our alarm at night each day as well and honestly who wants to get up in the early am hours and walk around – you could easily take this system to your room, although it is a bit noisy when it makes the beeping buzz sounds to let you know that your assistance is required.

Perfect Prep Machine has a finger turn dial which allows you to select the bottle water amount ranging from 120mls to 330mls. 
Perfect Prep Machine measures out the right amount of hot water and then warm water. First it will put in x amount of boiling hot water and then beep for you to add the scoops of formula into the bottle (you have 2 minutes to get the formula into the bottle and place back under the machine), you then need to shake it up and place back under the machine where you hit the button again and the Perfect Prep Machine will then disperse warm room temperature water so it’s just the right combination of heat for bubs bottle.
Always remember to check the temperature of the bottle yourself, regardless of the machine.

The Perfect Prep Machine unit isn’t that big at all and doesn’t take up huge amounts of space on the counter tops in the kitchen which I thought was fantastic as we are always short for space in the kitchen and being as this is used multiple times a day; it sits on our counter permanently now.

What I was really impressed at was when one time Dan had unplugged the machine and I got cross because now I couldn’t use the machine for Niah’s bottle as there wouldn’t be any boiling hot water but I was wrong; we plugged the machine in and straight away boiling hot water came out again.

Water level display
Water loading filter

The water capacity hold for the Perfect Prep Machine has a little filter that boils and filters the water like you would have needed to do by using a kettle for bubs drinking water. When filling up the unit it does take a little while for the water to filter through so you will need to be on watch to add more water into the unit.

The lights will flash different colours – when the red light is flashing it’s when hot water is being dispensed and then the green light is flashing it is when the warm room temperature water is being dispensed. When the colours are solid then you are able to remove the bottle from the stand.

The little platform stand where you place the bottle can be changed to different bottle heights to cater for the variety of bottle sizes.

There is 5 warning lights on the Perfect Prep Machine that are located in the bottom right of the unit which each mean different things: change filter, water tank hot, water level low, de-calc/de-scale and cleaning mode.

Perfect Prep Machine is a very low maintenance machine that self cleans with a little assistance of yourself pressing buttons and discarding water and requires you to fill it up with water when needed.

Bottle making has truly never been easier than with the Closer To Nature – Perfect Prep Machine and I highly recommend this to anyone with a baby on the way or a newborn in their family. This would also be a fantastic baby shower gift!

Preparing your baby’s bottle isn’t always straightforward, so to help parents everywhere, closer to nature® have created the perfect prep™ machine. Specially designed to make preparing bottles* quicker and more accurate, this clever device makes a fresh bottle at just the right serving temperature in less than 2 minutes, so your baby’s bottle will be perfect every time. The perfect prep™ machine is designed to fit most bottle shapes and sizes. 

Closer To Nature & NJT Blogger have a Perfect Prep Machine to giveaway to one lucky reader. 
This competition closes on 30th of June, 2014 at midnight. 
Winner is to contact me back within 48hours otherwise redraw will occur.

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