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Myer My Kids Emporium Event

Photo credit to Myer

I was invited along to attend a media event to celebrate the opening of the My Kids Emporium within Myer in CBD, Melbourne. 

Myer has always been a place where I love to shop for my little missy and she has a lot of brands that Myer stock within their store that I love putting her in, not only that her Aunty Katt Katt is a fashion lover and always gets a new piece of clothing for my little one – which seems like every week as she works right across the road from My Kids Emporium… which I do think will come in handy from now on seeing as I can make her stock up all the time for me now. 

My Kids Emporium is just mind blowing – I have never seen a set-up like what Myer have placed in the Emporium, it is huge and very much like a little one’s dreams come true of being in what would be the closest thing to Santa’s house with so many toys and clothes for them. 

The atmosphere was just like no other – you walk into a shop and you can hear kids screaming and witness kids running around everywhere. There is so many things to keep the kids occupied within the My Kids Emporium that you didn’t hear any of that going on.
What makes My Kids Emporium stand out is that they have created zones where the kids can enjoy their time and not see it as walking abouts in shop isles for ages trying not to touch things because you’ll be told off. 
My Kids Emporium allows all the touching and testing to occur with a Little Trikes driving course, Sand sculpting, Thomas the Tank Engine train set as well as a big train to jump into to be the driver, a Transformers interaction centre, giant Lego displays, a Cabbage Patch Kids adoption centre and a Barbie runway with lounge area. 

The isles are made wide to be able to fit those prams that we carry our precious ones in, the floors and stock displays were all neat and tidy and there was staff floating around everywhere who wear more then happy to help! I even witnessed a staff member from Myers kids clothes section help a lady throughout her whole trip whilst wanting to use a voucher for only certain clothes brand discounts. 

I definitely recommend that you pay a visit to My Kids Emporium to see an exceeding above the average in what a store has to give and be sure to pop these dates into your diary of when it is best to visit My Kids Emporium:


  • MyKids Emporium will bring theatre back to store and engage kids with a scheduled roster of weekend events, and other key times of the year including school holidays and Christmas. 
  • Every weekend MyKids Emporium will have fun activities on offer for including musical performances, book readings, face painters and balloon artists. 
  •  On the weekend of the 14 and 15 June Myer will host a weekend of fun-filled activities for kids at Myer Emporium which also co-insides with the launch of the new Myer Midyear Toy Sale. 
  • The highlight of this weekend event is the Wiggles will appear live at Myer Emporium for an acoustic performance on Saturday 14th June. There will also be a host of fun children’s characters appearing as well as toy demonstrations throughout the weekend. 

Thanks so much for introducing me and allowing me to be one of the first to experience the full offerings of My Kids Emporium, we will be back!!


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