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Baby Bullet Review

Dan & I had always been keen to trial out the baby bullet since it was advertised on TV a while ago and we can finally put a tick next to testing it out, in-fact Baby Bullet has been ticked and marked with a big happy face and a love heart!!

Baby Bullet is one of the simplest appliances I have come across especially when it comes to blenders/processors. Its compact and small in size barely taking up any of our counter bench space, but don’t let that foul you – it is big on assisting your mummy or daddy life. Literally within seconds you have a batch of food made up for your little one.

There is so many benefits of making your own food at home for your little one with some being that it’s so much more cheaper than buying ready made from stores, you get to know exactly what is in your babies food, it’s fresh, they get the wholesome food either raw, organic, natural etc.

Baby Bullet interchangeable blending batch bowls or cups to make a small or large batches – this was definitely my favourite feature as I feel bad not giving Niah freshly made food for her meals so Baby Bullet was able to help ease my concern and get made on the day food within seconds, whilst making a small batch but then catering to me when I wanted to make larger batches to store away for those times we are caught out of not being at home for meal times.

The Baby Bullet provides you with two (2) storage options that comes within your purchase – there is 6 mini date-dial storage cups which have a very fancy, never seen before turn dial to mark the date of when you made the food or 2 large pop batch trays – 6 compartment holes in each which is made of flexible silicone and has a clear see through lid – this was a brilliant idea as my other freeze trays that I have weren’t silicone based and were the hardest things to pop the frozen food out of and with the lid being able to see into the trays to know which foods you would like to give your little one if you have made a few different mixes.

Recently I have been giving Niah a smoothie puree type breakfast after she eats her fruit and will chuck into the Baby Bullet some frozen berries, banana and coconut water, with this I did use the larger jug size so I could sneak some of it for breaky too hehe – I did find that I would need to open up the jug a few times to give it a little stir with the provided spatula as it seemed to need some assistance and was getting caught with the frozen berries.

Although I did find the Baby Bullet to be a little noisy on the volume level when working its magic, but that is to be expected from an appliance of this functioning sort. It blitzed up the food within seconds – potatoes ended up being turned into a cake batter like mix, fruit pureed and came out in this very creamy fluffy looking texture.
When you have a screaming hungry baby you want food fast and the Baby Bullet gets that food to your bubs quicker then anything ever!

The Baby Bullet comes with 3 handy and very informative books that will be your best friend and the answer to all your questions and queries you might have about starting your little one on solids, when they should have certain foods, healthy choices and a stack of recipes.

The Baby Bullet Healthy Baby Nutrition Guide –
Giving you the ins and outs of giving your babies the best and helping with recipes for all the various eating stage ages.

The Baby Bullet User Manual & Cookbook –
The guide of how best to use and upkeep your unit and some cooking ideas.

The Baby Bullet Pocket Nutritionist book –
Helping assist in choosing the best foods for your little one.

I definitely recommend the Baby Bullet to any families who are looking for the best for their little ones when they are starting up solid foods.

The Baby Bullet System was specifically designed to make healthy, nutritious baby food in just seconds. In fact, you can create and store a week’s worth of baby food in less than 5 minutes! The Baby Bullet System is hands down, the most convenient baby food making system in terms of quality, efficiency and affordability. 

Unlike expensive jarred baby food that can contain sugars, fillers, preservatives or worse, the Baby Bullet System can make and store fresh, natural baby food 10 times faster, 10 times cheaper and 10 times healthier than anything you can buy in a jar. 

The best thing about the Baby Bullet System is that it gives you both the tools and the information you need to set the stage for a lifetime of healthy eating. From identifying the signs that your baby is ready to try solids, to how to choose the perfect, freshest produce, to tips for storage – the Baby Bullet System will be with you every step of the way.’


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