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Grow With Me Tupperware Range + WIN of the range

This is actually my first time ever using Tupperware – can you believe it? 
No joke this was my first encounter with Tupperware as a brand and we are truly inlove! I can tell why it is such a loved brand by many, the quality is just phenomenal.
Never had I experienced Tupperware for myself and what better way to use them then to be introduced to the brand and test them out with my little one. 
Niah is now just over 9 months and has been eating solids since 3 months old, good quality dinner ware/ storage containers is what we need for our fast growing little miss.
The Grow With Me Tupperware range is perfect for the fast growing little loves in our life as Tupperware have really put a lot of thought into making products that allow us to be able to use the same product but use interchangeable parts – this not only saves space in your cupboards but puts money back into your pockets with not having to buy a new product every time your child changes their eating/drinking development stages. 
What amazed me most about Tupperware as a brand is that they provide you with a lifetime warranty on your products – It’s such a rare thing to find within a brand and you know that when they provide you with a lifetime warranty that they have produced something so great!

Grow With Me Feeding Set – RRP $35
This set consists of: Feeding Bowl 240mL, Feeding Bowl 430mL and Cutlery & Keeper 

Although Niah is still only using a spoon as she is learning how to feed herself having a knife and fork in a keeper will be a lifesaver to have when we are out. Being plastic this will help when we are dining out and they don’t have ‘kids’ friendly cutlery. Not to mention how much cleaner these will remain by being in the keeper when I pop them into the baby bag.

The feeding bowls I actually struggle a little to get into and fitting the lids on properly so we know that these are definitely a no leak, mess making bowls for when you take these outside of the home within your bags etc.
The bowls allow for a much easier feeding time with having large tabs for yourself or baby to hold onto and then by being such a circular round shape it allows you to get a really good scrap to finish off the meal.
I liked using the large feeding bowl for when it comes to meal times with Niah – rather then using a plate where her food slides everywhere and comes off the plate, this enables the food to be kept within the bowl walls and getting the food quicker to Niah’s mouth rather then Niah having to work for a chase of her food.

Grow With Me Tumbler & Snack Cup Set – RRP $32
This set consists of: 250mL tumbler base including detachable handle and hygienic cap, Sippy top, Flow control dial and Snack cup including tumbler ring and cover.
This tumbler is something I have never seen before having an interchangeable part which works as a circle flow control cover that doesn’t look like a drinking lid at all. I tried Niah with the sippy cover and she manages it alright but is used to a soft spout to drink from which I also think is better for her whilst she is teething. The sippy cup does leak unfortunately and with any little baby they are constantly banging their things around and the sippy cup for us ends up putting water everywhere. 
The addition of having the removable handles are great and Niah found the handles really easy to use and left a good amount of space between the handle and the cup to be able to get a good grip and hold to her mouth. 
The snack cup came in handy for when we are having fruit & yoghurt for a snack so I can place the snack cup on Niah’s highchair tray with some yoghurt, although she may not have developed the skills of spooning yoghurt out herself yet it’s nice to set it up the way that we would eat things like an adult so our children can mimic and be like their parent. 
The snack cup was also really good for popping some crackers or cut up fruit and veg pieces for on the go for Niah. 

Grow With Me Straw Tumbler – RRP $21
This consists of: Straw Tumbler, Straw Brush and Drinking Ring
Replacement straws are available for purchase as a set of 3. 
Unfortunately Niah isn’t in the age of being able to use a straw at the moment so I will leave you will some detailed information on the Grow With Me Straw Tumbler that has been taken from the Tupperware website.

The Grow With Me Straw Tumbler is an ideal on-the-go beverage solution for older babies and toddlers with busy lifestyles.

The soft, flexible Straw is gentle on your precious one’s mouth. When closed the Tumbler is completely liquid-tight and can be safely transported in your handbag, nappy bag or backpack. When open, the flow of liquid is restricted thanks to the one-way valve, thereby reducing the amount of liquid that can accidentally spill from the container.

As your children grow, they become more confident at drinking from an open tumbler. When the cap of the straw tumbler is removed, the tumbler base can be converted to a smooth rimmed tumbler by adding the drinking ring. A Straw Tumbler cleaning brush is included.
I did think that the colours for the Grow With Me Tupperware Range are more of a ‘boy’ coloured range – I think some purples and light pinks could have been thrown in their but this could have been just me as I have a little girl and seen it in this way.

After experiencing Tupperware for the little one’s – I am very keen to try out more of the range and I think this may have just started an addiction to Tupperware and understand why so many are Tupperware crazy! Let me know if there is something that I MUST try out from their range. 
For more on the range or the Tupperware range in general, visit:

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Good Luck!


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