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EHPLabs Shred Stack – Oxyshred & Acetyl L-Carnitine

As you may have read my two previous posts on EHPLabs products: Oxyshred & Acetyl L-Carnitine these are my shred stack within my weight loss journey.
EHPLabs kindly supplied me with these products to aid in my weight loss journey and I have been loving every moment of them.
No day is complete without them. My workouts are just so much more dirtier – and I mean that in a good way haha.

You know a product is working when your workout changes completely in terms of how much energy you have and how much more sweat you drip. It has never happened before during a workout for me but I literally was running on the treadmill the other day and bam a droplet of sweat ran straight off my nose! I felt so fantastic about that happening because I knew that everything was working and coming together burning that fat away and just smashed the rest of my workout!

It’s important to keep changing up your workouts so your body isn’t kept at the same pace and you can really push yourself more and achieve more.
I take on a lot of different exercise routines and going to a gym which has a range of classes is always good too – I part take in Body Pump, Body Balance, Boxing, Spin Classes and Pilates classes whilst at gym and do my own workout at times. Every Friday I am off doing Crossfit and on the weekends I am finding an outdoor activity to part take in or doing my housework haha!

Last weekend a longtime childhood friend of mine and I set off to where I always used to workout in my last weightloss journey – Kokoda Memorial Track up in the Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne otherwise known as doing the 1000 steps.
I assure you this was no walk in the park for me and I definitely don’t remember it being that much of a hard workout but gees those legs and butt were killing afterwards and the calves were burning the whole way through.
My training partner Oxyshred & Acetyl L-Carnitine were there to help me out and made for a hot one! Before you can even do a proper physical workout you are feeling like you have just walked into a sauna, I can feel my body temperature up at such a high temp.

I tried out Oxyshred & Acetyl L-Carnitine in a few different ways to see how I best find having the shred stack.
I had them at:

  • Room temperature – definitely not my forte and I don’t think I could ever try this again, it’s not that the product was bad but I just can’t stand room temperature beverages!
  • Chilled water from fridge – my favourite way of taking the shred stack, it just slides back so easy and is like having a normal drink.
  • Frozen water from freezer – I actually mixed up my shred stack shake and put it into the freezer for a little bit so it would go icy, this was actually a good way of having it – although I wouldn’t consume it all the time like that, it would be a good way to take in the summer time. 
Oxyshred is a great pick me up to give you that energy booster in the afternoons when you are feeling a crash in your energy levels. Once taking it in the afternoon, after about 30 minutes your are left feeling rejuvenated and prepped again. 
I also tried out the ‘DO NOT TAKE AFTER 5PM’ Oxyshred as I wanted to see what would happen to me… well lets just say staying up until 2am in the morning when you have a baby in the house isn’t such a great idea, need I say more! 
The instructions are there for a reason and I think I’ll stick with that haha!

Having Oxyshred & Acetyl L-Carnitine in my journey has been a ball – I am definitely going to keep this shred stack stocked in my cupboards to achieve my goals.
I honestly don’t think that without these I would be getting the results I am.

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