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Hope In A Jar by Philosophy – First Thoughts Review

hope in a jar night
RRP $55

A brand that I have only recently discovered but am falling in love for is Philosophy.

I have one of their eye shadow palettes and ahhh utter admiration for the look it gives me but I am hear to tell you about Hope In A Jar which is a product I just recently tried out.

Philosophy’s packaging is bold and well printed. Tell’s you exactly what it in straight away on the front of the product – which is what I love! I don’t want to spend half hour looking at all the different products on the shelf to find what I am looking for… If only they could all be as easy as Philosophy!

I was only sent little sample sizes of Hope In A Jar so this is a little review on what I thought whilst using the product for the few days that it took to get through the products.

I’ve always been a person to moisture my face twice a day – in the morning and at night. I think it’s imperative to do that to maintain a good skin condition.
Testing and comparing moistures is my forte, I would say.

When I first used Hope In A Jar I couldn’t pin point what kind of scents where in it and still can’t properly now. It’s a very thick consistency which I’m not used too. I found that my face broke out into sweats really fast after application. This happens with all moisturisers to me so I’m not sure if it’s just my skin or something that makes me react.

Did you know that your body renews itself best as you sleep? That means nighttime is your skin’s best opportunity for treatment and repair. So, is it unreasonable to expect your night cream to fulfill your youthful dreams while you sleep? Not if you have hope.

Imagine waking up to smoother skin that is comfortably hydrated. Imagine having visibly radiant skin to start each morning. Imagine the glow of confidence you could carry with you all day.

Thanks to Philosophy’s breakthrough nighttime renewal technology, everything you imagine is possible. New hope in a jar night intense retexturizing moisturizer helps redefine your beauty sleep. it features a patented qusome delivery system that allows for better, gentler and more effective penetration of active ingredients.

The glycolic acid helps retexturize skin as it plumps the appearance of fine lines and even skin tone while the beta glucan helps strengthen skin’s natural cellular defense. Hope in a jar night is clinically proven to help improve the signs of aging with regular use: Redefine your beauty sleep. 

Hope in a jar night intense retexturizing moisturiser is available now at select David Jones stores,, mecca maxima and
For stockists please call 1800 812 663.

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