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Max Factor Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara REVIEW

Take your lash look to the next level with NEW Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara – Max Factor’s ultimate combination mascara for extreme volume with an intense jet-black lacquer finish.
Designed for women who feel let down by conventional volumising mascaras, NEW Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara combines a mega-volumising base with an intensely black lacquer top coat for never-before-seen lashes sure to get you noticed.
The same applies with mascara – applying an intense dark lacquer top coat to a low-quality volumising formula can reduce rather than enhance the thickening effect, as the lacquer could amplify existing unevenness.  This is why a high quality volumising base layer is so important, as it creates the perfect bed for an intense super dark lacquer to skim across – plumping, smoothing and sealing the lashes for a more intensely black lacquered look that lasts.
How does it work?
BASE COAT – EXTREME VOLUME: A super-thickening formula includes wax, dark pigments and volumising spheres to create a high quality finish with an abundance of high impact volume.  This, combined with our biggest brush ensures maximum volume.
TOP COAT – INTENSIFYING LACQUER: The jet black lacquer finishing coat is thinner than the volumising base coat, allowing it to flow across the lash surface. Because of the volumised micro texture of the base layer, the finishing lacquer coats lashes   from root to tip, meaning that you get an intensely black, glossy finish without removing or destroying the volume layer underneath. The gel-based formula further thickens & seals the lashes, instantly smoothing them and increasing the volume for a truly excess lash look that lasts.


This mascara was a first start to a relationship with Max Factor – honestly blogging has to be one of the best things that I have take in my life as I wouldn’t have tried or found out about great brands like Max Factor!

I was really unsure about using this mascara as it’s really chunky and has a short brush piece so I was having a bit of trouble trying to get this onto my eyes and especially into the corners of my eyes where all those little lashes sit but after a few uses of the mascara you will work out how best to apply for your lashes. 

I can’t stand eyelashes that are just clumpy and look like a bad spiders web so for this mascara to not do that for me was the tick of approval that it would be used over and over again. Max Factor Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara gave me gorgeous full and defined eyelashes and gave me a look that I believe we all try to achieve in our eyelashes – that they look like you have falsies on without actually having falsies on.

As you can see from my eye shots you can tell that in the second step which is using the Top Coat – Intensifying Lacquer the colour really comes out and just makes those eyes pop and completely stand out from your face!

Max Factor Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara is available in stores from March 2014.

RRP – $25.95
Stockists – 1800 181 040 or

**This product was sent out for my consideration. All opinions are my own and I was not paid to write this post**


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