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REVIEW: Freshness Fine Food Bar’s

Bars are all the rage these days and for good reasons! We love our bars here at Fresh Ness, not just because they are so tasty and filling, but because of their wholesome goodness. Dig into our Bird Bar, chalk full of seeds, grains, and dried fruit; or reach for our Rawama Bar, made completely of raw, thus nutrient packed, ingredients. Due to easy storing and longer shelf life qualities, these healthy yummies are a perfect on the run pack snack for busy bodies, kids and adults included!

RAW – Chocolate & Cashew – GLUTEN FREE
Uncooked and unprocessed, this beautiful bar is made entirely of dates, cashews, almond meal, coca, agave syrup, and organic coconut. It is a great pick me up for those interested in fuelling their body with nutrient and antioxidant packed goodness.

‘Raw’ bar was the first bar I had from the Freshness Fine Food range of bars as the word ‘chocolate’ always seems to get me, who could blame me though I was a chocco-holic!
‘Raw’ bar is so soft, it’s almost like eating raw cookie dough as to how soft it is. I got through that bar in 30 seconds if that as it was just too delicious to put down and possibly have baby fingers come and grab the rest of it or Dan coming along wanting to ‘try’ it out!
I could definitely taste the coconut in the bar and the cashews were very diced up into small pieces.

BIRD – Cranberry & Pumpkin – GLUTEN FREE
Chock full of seeds, nuts, and dried fruit, this gluten free snack is a tasty and wholesome treat for all. Full of fibre and naturally sweetened with agave syrup, this bar contains no added sugar or glucose and is, of course, free from all preservatives and additives.

This bar was the one I had last as it didn’t sound as appetising to me, don’t get me wrong I am a huge lover of the ‘bird’ bars that contain a stack of seeds and all other goodness but this one didn’t really get my mouth watering at the name but when I actually got the courage to trial this bar – it really did show a true definition to ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. Bird bar was delicious, a little chewy and hard but it was still really enjoyable to eat.

EARTH- Chia, Blueberry & Almond – WHEAT FREE
Chewy, nutty, and handmade with full of oats, this muesli bar makes for a perfect wholesome snack.

‘Earth’ was the chewy one out of them all. I like that you need to chew something for a long time as you can actually enjoy what you are eating and take in every bite, as well as always being able to listen to your gut of when you are actually full! My only problem with ‘Earth’ bar was that it was extra chewy that I got about 3/4 of the way through it and my jaw hurt.

LOVE- Pumpkin, Pistachio & Vanilla –
Chew and gooey, this is a bar you will love (thus the name). With a soft and sweet oat base this bar is topped with homemade caramel, pistachios, and chocolate chips.

‘Love’ bar is very different, I wouldn’t have said it was a bar I picked up because of the ingredients, apart from it stating pistaschio’s which I adore! It was an interesting texture to get around in your mouth, it did crumble quite a bit when I was trying to eat it from the packaging and would always fall apart on me and not stay in it’s actual bar form BUT… I am definitely a fan of the ‘Love’ bar now though! I loved the added chocolate chips, was a sneaky little treat in a bar of deliciousness and not to mention the homemade caramel, gah this is making me drool just writing about it.
‘Love’ bar is on the shopping list forever now!
I would definitely say now that this is my favourite from the range!


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