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Playgro – Musical Mobile Phone Review

The colourful musical mobile phone rattle allows baby to mimic mum and dad with their very own phone. Easy to grasp, this toy features four different melodies to stimulate auditory senses and various textures for visual and tactile development. Baby will have endless fun taking “calls” all day long!

– 4 different melodies
– Mirror with rattling beads
– Crinkle sounds for auditory stimulation

This was the first toy out of the Playgro toys we were sent on our first toy testing job that Niah had her hands set on, it was a struggle getting this out of her hands to even get the musical mobile phone out of the cardboard packaging. 
Although this doesn’t resemble the same look as Mummy or Daddy’s phone, this is a unique toy of the babies own which they can leave your phone sticky, drool and occasionally teeth mark free!
Niah is in the stage of playing with all the toys that she can rattle and make noise with by shaking them, I see Niah pick up blocks and try shake them.. ‘sorry darling, they’re for stacking’.
Niah has her own little mobile phone that seems to come with us everywhere now, but of course – why wouldn’t our lifelines come with us these days. 
Niah can grasp ahold of the musical mobile phone by the black and white little handle with ease and allow for her to give that phone a good old rattle to reveal the sounds of little colourful balls moving around in a see-through enclosed window.
The musical mobile phone plays 4 different melodies with the press down of the numbers panel button and brings on a little wiggle from miss Niah.

On the edge of the mobile phone is a green crinkle part which Niah loves to bite on and make the crackling noises.

The Playgro Musical Mobile Phone is a fantastic toy that easily folds down in half to take up less space when travelling and to chuck into the nappy bag as a carry around phone. I would definitely recommend this for a gift to a young one.

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I am a Playgro Official Toy Tester, these products were sent out to me for reviewal and all opinions are my honest own thoughts.

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