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Tax Time with CARE Australia

To soften the blow of the June 30 tax deadline, CARE Australia has launched a handy calculator to help people maximise their tax return when making charitable donations. Found at, donors simply enter the amount they would like to give, as well as selecting their income. The calculator will then work out how much tax will be received back for a contribution made to CARE Australia.

By donating to CARE Australia, donors will not only be assisting someone in need, but will be boosting their tax return at the same time. For example, the CARE Australia tax calculator can determine that a donation of $69 (which can educate a girl for a year) made by someone earning between $37,001 and $80,000 would cost just $46.58 after they receive $22.42 back in tax.

To further facilitate a tax time, CARE Australia has also provided a tax benefits table and other imagery, to help inform donors of what they can Give and Get Back which are featured on this post.

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