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Body Transformation Journey Update + Dedication Post to EHPLabs

I have been in my body transformation journey for just over 2 months now, yes my lifestyle has changed but it’s still needing to be tweaked here and there. I am not where I would have liked to have been weight wise but I have made that change and broke the old habits.
To date I have lost close to 7kgs, ideally I would have liked to have cracked at least 10-12kgs by this stage but I have a new mind set and have found new motivation to drive myself harder so I am expecting to see some good weight loss drops in the few coming weeks as I really switch up my diet.

My failing is, well was when I am out of the house and at weekends.
I started off so strong and didn’t have any ‘junk’ food or bad eating for over a fortnight and then when I did have a ‘cheat’ meal of take away food, I honestly wasn’t interested and the food just tasted wrong. It didn’t satisfy me at all and I just was thinking to myself that I would have preferred a chicken salad… it’s been a long time since I have thought that way!

Unfortunately my diet just kept taking wrong turns but the important thing to remember is that just because you’ve had a bad meal or a bad day, it doesn’t mean that you are to go and just turn around and give up. You redeem yourself and just turn back to the good you and that’s what I did each time.

Lately I have been noticing the actual changes in my body with the way it feels in my clothing and just the difference in the mirror. I am getting commented on as well with how others can see my weight coming down too which is a good rewarding feeling.
I’m getting back into some of the clothes I used to wear so I am not so limited for clothes options now.
My pants aren’t cutting into my stomach and suffocating me creating that extra flab roll over the top and my ‘skinny jean’s well they aren’t so skin tight skinny anymore, it’s more looking like I’ve lost a tremendous amount of weight and I have extra skin hanging down in my jeans.
Although it’s not time to buy a new wardrobe yet because I still want to lose more so no point in buying something that will fit for a short time except the little splurge on new lingerie because well you can’t have those falling off when training!

During my journey I was a target of sub tweeted bullying about my weight, which to most people would probably put them into a bad place and be upset with what’s going on. Although this was a really horrible move on their behalf the sub tweeted bullying never got to me in the way they intended it too. I never gave up and I never let it get to me.
I was doing something about my weight, I was changing my ways and to be cyber bullied whilst it was  known that I was on this journey was pretty pathetic and hypocritical as the same goals where in place for those sub tweeting bullying messages. As the saying goes; ‘the pot calling the kettle black’ was at true play in this.

As you know as well Dan has been very supportive and started to change his ways as well at the same time I did as we could push each other and help motivate one another.
Between Dan & I we have a total combined household weight loss of coming close to hitting 20kgs. We are so excited to be getting our health back in order and back to our old ways together.

Fit bods – Dan & I are both on our way back!! Stay tuned!

I also wanted to include in this update of my progress post a dedication part to EHPLabs who had kindly supplied me with their Shred StackOxyshred and Acetyl L-Carnitine which I have blogged about several times previously. Tomorrow morning will be my last dose of the shred stack that was supplied to me. I truly believe these products work and are such a great aid within weight loss, an energy booster and or a mean workout.
Thank you EHPLabs for all your assistance – you have been an ace training partner and I can’t wait to experience many more of your products that are on the market.

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