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First Aid For You educating Children on First Aid Basics

For some of us, we learnt first aid basics in scouts or brownies. Today, many children’s knowledge of first aid is limited at best. 

First Aid For You is now providing an elementary first aid for kids course aimed at pre-school aged children, to prepare them should they be faced with the need to assist in an emergency. 
Mary Dawes, Director of First Aid For You, a leading first aid educational company, was inspired by her own son Lucas to begin the courses.
”My son has grown up watching me perform CPR on the CPR dolls as with most children was inquisitive as to what I was doing and why. It occurred to me that if I put in simple terms what I was doing and how he could help if this was a real person, despite his age, he would be a huge benefit,” says Mary.
The First Aid For Kids course covers simple easy to understand scenarios including choking, management, bleeding, burns and bites by simply identify what children should and shouldn’t touch or eat and then what to do in the event of an emergency. We also emphasise the importance of 000, how and when to make the phone call. The session itself only lasts 30 minutes and is an interactive, practical session.
”We appreciate the kids have short attention spans and realistically we want to reinforce a positive message, that they can help in an emergency, by following some simple guidelines we can prepare these children now, their preparedness in the future will be so much higher,” adds Mary.
Mary Dawes’ tips to teach YOUR kids first aid:
  • Sit your child down somewhere quiet – keep distractions at an absolute minimum when reinforcing emergency phone numbers such as triple zero or 112 on a mobile device. 
  • If possible, get the kids to have ”hands on” – showing them the first aid kit in your home and what each items is to be used for. 
  • Recite your address and phone number with children – start as soon as possible, if required in an emergency you won’t have to worry about the children giving the emergency services the wrong details.
This is something I will be taking on board and keeping in mind for when my little cherub grows up. 
I think these skills are imperative to learn and pass onto the children at a young age. 
For more information visit:

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