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Scholastic Australia Books – August Edition

Book reading for us in normally a night time event now with having a story read to Niah whilst she is laying in her cot, having her bottle and laying back relaxing ready to drift off to sleep.
During the day time Niah has a collection of books that we place in a basket for her to flip through – ones that are hard cardboard like or soft and squishy – ready for those teeth to sink into and cover the day time books in slobber!

This August we have a selection of beautiful story books that we were able to share as a family.
Dan & I always read to Niah at night, alternating between each other reading a page.

Pig The Pug RRP $16.99

A book about a pug named Pig who doesn’t like sharing at all but in the end has no choice.
Pig The Pug has little words through out the book and is a simple quick reading book for a night time, this would be a good one for those who are starting out to read also.

Tortoise and the Hair RRP $14.99

A story shared about a preforming tortoise who needs a special lucky wig to play but one day the wig goes missing.  A kids mystery story that will keep the kids guessing.
The illustrated pictures in this book are really well done and display a good range of images for the children to create a follow on of the story in their head.
Tortoise and the Hair has quite a few words so this would suit an older advanced child for reading or a mummy/daddy story telling time.

The Three Triceratops Tuff RRP $14.99

A re-told story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ but with dinosaurs! 
The three brother dinosaurs head out to find some dinner but are faced with the problem of a T-Rex who wants to make them dinner! 
The Three Triceratops Tuff has a few pages in this book that would require the assistance of an adult to read with. 
My Octopus Arms RRP $14.99

Having eight arms would come in handy majority of the time for us wouldn’t it, experience what an octopus does with all his arms. But there is something that arms are really made for… hugging! 
A well pictured book that will demonstration what octopus gets up too.
10 Clumsy Emus RRP $9.99

Count up to 10 with the clumsy emus who do nothing but some very unordinary things whilst you count with them. Another really well illustrated book that is a must in the house to encourage your children to learn how to count in a fun way. 
Hokey Pokey (Aussie Edition) RRP $16.99

A classic song we all loved to dance and sing along to as kids which we can now pop on a cd and sing along with the picture book filled of our favourite Aussie animals.
Niah loves music so this one really gets her involved in story time, have a little boogie and clap along. 
Looking forward to sharing the next months book selections with you shortly. 

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