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LATEST RELEASE: Bugaboo Runner & Bugaboo Stand

Now some of you may know that I have a little bit of a pram addiction and massive love admiration for Bugaboo prams. I have had 2 bugs in my lifetime of having had Niah who just turned 1 last week.
I currently have a Bugaboo Cam but would love to try out the others.. I have always loved the Donkey but then was thinking of getting the Bee now that Niah’s a little older so we can zip in and out in the stroller and just waiting until we have bubs no.2 before we get a Donkey.
But there is some amazing fantastic news on the front for Bugaboo!!

These two newbies will definitely be on my list of pram accessories – what an innovative idea to be able to click and clack it altogether. It makes bugaboo a very versatile system that caters to it all really.
With my health and fitness up at peak now the Bugaboo Runner would be a fantastic piece to invest in as the cam now just doesn’t do well on outdoor trips.

The Bugaboo Stand will come in hand for when we have the next bubs – won’t have to worry about a crib, or when we go visit places for long periods of times. Bubs can sleep away and not be interrupted by having to be taken from one spot to another.

The Bugaboo Runner
Bugaboo is introducing a separate chassis designed purely for running.
For many parents, running with a little one in a stroller is often a laborious task as many standard strollers are not designed to adjust to running conditions. Staying fit and active as a parent can be difficult as mums and dads juggle the needs of their child with their own.
Unique to the Bugaboo Runner is that you can choose to jog with your child (from nine months) facing you, or looking out at the world. Available as an accessory for the Bugaboo Bee, Cameleon3, Buffalo, and Donkey, the Bugaboo Runner can also be purchased as a complete jogging stroller with a separate Bugaboo Runner seat.
The Bugaboo Runner will be available in Australia from March 2015.

The Bugaboo Stand
The Bugaboo Stand is a lightweight, stylish steel stand that lets you convert your Cameleon3, Buffalo, and Donkey into both a bassinet stand and a high chair with ease and reliability. Weighing only 2.6kgs, the Bugaboo Stand is compact and converts your stroller into the only product you’ll need on the road.
The Bugaboo Stand is compatible with the Bugaboo Cameleon3, Bugaboo Buffalo, and Bugaboo Donkey bassinets and seats. Each model requires a different set of adapters.
It will be available in stores only in Autumn 2015 for RRP $139.95, incl. adapter.


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