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LeapFrog AlphaPup REVIEW

RRP: $34.99ea
Suitable for 12 to 36 months
Available in green and pink now from all major retailers and independent toy stores across Australia

Little ones can learn with their new best friend, AlphaPup, the learning companion that walks and talks the ABC’s. This lovable puppy sings and sounds out each letter and introduces letter names, words that begin with each letter and cute doggie phrases.

Colourful interactive buttons, wobbly paw-shaped wheels and a tail that wags, engages children and helps develop motor skills. Press the buttons to hear letters A to Z sounded out, words that begin with each letter and fun phrases that include these words. Press a doggie button to hear cute dog sayings and a music note button to play three learning song, as you pull the toy along by his bone. The songs stop when you stop, and they play when you walk, which makes walking a musical and fun play experience.

Niah isn’t walking just yet but gee whizz when she is this is going to be something she’ll love pulling around. When the AlphaPup first arrived at our house we were demonstrating to Niah how you use it by walking around and having AlphaPups tail wag along, feet spinning all whilst singing to you; Niah thought this was hilarious and would giggle nonstop over it.
Niah plays with AlphaPup by sitting there pulling AlphaPup by her little bone up and down in front of her and tries to make AlphaPup go around her, it’s a really beautiful thing to watch with how much this toy lights up her face.
When you start moving AlphaPup around and then stop after a little while AlphaPup will encourage you to keep going and continue singing with her.

Each colour strip is an individual letter button that will say e.g ‘E – Elephant’ which is makes up AlphaPups body.

For Niah’s birthday party when we had her little baby friends over from my Mother’s Group they seemed to be drawn to AlphaPup and it was really interesting to see how they are all a mere few days/weeks apart from each other but yet they each play with AlphaPup in a different way. One of the little girls was sitting there pushing individual buttons which Niah isn’t really doing now.

The AlphaPup could also buy you time without having to purchase a real pet too, as it’s just like walking a real dog.

Unboxing her goodies from LeapFrog team

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