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Vileda Premium 5 System REVIEW

Our current house is filled with tiles – only the 4 bedrooms have carpet. I’m not a huge fan of tiles because it leaves your house cold and it’s not all that great for a little crawler but in saying that it comes in hand being that spills and little messes made on the carpet are much easier to get out on the tiles!

Now that Niahbella is crawling – well has been for a few months now we have found that mopping had become a weekly, no daily, no actually its multiple times a day that, that mop comes out!
We want to ensure we have a clean floor for Niahbella to play and move around on so it’s imperative to have a good cleaning mop.

We have always had a Vileda brand mop in our house but we were kindly sent out the new Vileda Premium 5 System to test in our home and we are definitely not going back to any other system or mopping assistant.

There is two (2) parts that make up this system:
Premium 5 flat mop system and Premium 5 Spin Wringer Bucket.

The Vileda Premium 5 flat mop system is the only system with five special features to ensure superior performance and comfortable cleaning:

  • Wide frame covers more surface area
  • Microfibre pads for a streak free floor
  • Thorough cleaning with less chemicals
  • Swivel head to clean hard to reach places
  • Ergonomic telescopic handle

The Vileda Premium 5 System comes with interchangeable heads – each mop comes with two pads:
– one designed for wet mopping, with high active fibres that clean even the toughest dirt
– and the other for dusting and sweeping. Its finely looped microfibres ensure a high cleaning result and particle pick-up.

Attached – Dusting Pad
I have never been one to dust but with having the Vileda Premium 5 System I have found myself getting into all sorts of parts of the house that I have never thought of cleaning and have been able to get the range hood dusted/wiped down with the dusting/sweeping pad. 
The most used feature though is the wet pads for mopping as this is the most important thing about from vacuuming of course in our house when it comes to keeping our home clean.

I found the Vileda Premium 5 flat mop to provide more coverage when mopping the floor from the wide large pad that it made the mopping job half the time it used to take as the mop we had previously before was the small string mops that slopped everywhere and you’d have to go over the same spot several times whilst the strings moved all over the place instead of covering it straight like the flat mop. 
The flat mop pad evenly spreads out across the floor covering more area.
The flat mop easily swivels and moves itself around the furniture when you bumped into things and is easily navigated around furniture or obstructions on the floor surface. I did find that under smaller things like the doors or fridge freezers that if you accidentally went to far in or bumped under it that the flat mop would get stuck a little so best be careful around those areas. 

Foot lever pedal on right of bucket – red clip
When you are in need of a rinse of the flat mop and to refresh with some more water then you just need to push down on the flip back lock and allow the mop to tilt to one side so the flat mop will fold up on itself allowing you to easily pop this into the spin wringer bucket. Once you have gotten the flat mop into the spinner (which can be difficult and also a messy task to try and get into the spinner perfectly) then press down on the foot lever pedal and allow the spinner to capture the flat mop and spin wring the flat mop. Ensure you are holding the mop brush loosely as it will need to spin control on its own.
I like that you are able to use your foot to push on the flip back lock on the flat mop to unlock and lock the flat mop into place so it won’t / or will fold in for you. I think the minimal touching of the mop whilst in action is best.

L – Spin Wringer
I also believe that my floors dried faster due to the microfibre pads that didn’t leave my floors a soaking mess of water. The microfibre pads were washing my floors in a delicate way that really cleaned and got in their but also wiping up and catching any excess water left behind. 
I highly recommend this system in your household and I would even go as far as to say this would be a great baby shower gift! After all that floor needs to be tidy for baby and this system cuts time down on the actual mopping and drying! 

Don’t forget to check out the web comedy that Vileda have put together that introduces the Vileda Premium 5 System to you.

Head to the Vileda Facebook page for more.

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