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Funtastic HQ visit

Lucky little Niah & I were able to revisit Funtastic HQ where it is kids toys and merchandise galore!
Last year Niah & I visited the team when Niah was only 2 weeks old so she wasn’t doing much at all that would require many toys but now that Niah just turned 1 at the start of September, our home is filled with many fun things from her learning toys that help her develop all those needed skills. 
I love watching Niah play and get so excited when she learns something. Just the other day Niah learnt to press a button in a book we were reading that allowed the dog to start barking, it was just a beautiful moment. 

Funtastic look after many fabulous brands like LeapFrog, Paw Patrol, Flutterbye, Floaties, Pillow Pets, Razor, CBK just to name a few. 

Funtastic show cased to us many toys that have just been released and toys that are soon to be released just in time for Christmas which is 90 days away! Can you believe it, how fast has this year just flown by on us! I’m so excited for Niah to understand a little bit more this year and to be able to open her own chrissy presents from Santa, there is many and I mean many toys that Funtastic presented to me that I will be putting under our Christmas Tree for Niah this year!

Cabbage Patch Kids (CBK) – have these gorgeous new arrivals with the collaboration with Sketchers – Twinkle Toes Shoes that have me wanting to put this on my own Christmas list. 
I adore the Twinkle Toe Shoes that Sketchers have and am dying to get Niah into them already! I remember when I was still pregnant with Niah and wanting to buy the shoes when I saw them when out shopping with Dan but he said we should wait until Niah is here and can fit them.. well Dan, we are sooo close now!!
These shoes on the CBK are sold in-stores so your little one can have matching shoes to the CBK. 
The retail price is about $89.

Kinetic Sand – 
98% sand and 2% magic – this sand will wow you if you haven’t already experienced it!
This product I know has been taking off as it’s something you can have inside the house without having to go outside and makes no mess what so ever as it sticks, never drying out also!
Kinetic Sand has been taken too by adults as well as it’s some what therapeutic you could say.
With add on features to make this experience even better you can purchase colourful moulds to make figures with the kinetic sand.
At such a stunningly affordable price of $19.99 for the kinetic sand and $29.99 for the neon play set moulds. 

Air Hogs – The newest is the Roller Copter. This is the entry level starting toy before your little one will get their hands onto the remote controlled objects. This helps the younger children to be able to still enjoy the same playing but with the assistance of roller copter who can roll himself up walls instead of crashing, roll across the floor and more being a better use toy when indoors. 
Completely indestructible and heavy duty. 
This will retail around the $69.99 mark

You’ll be able to visit LeapFrog, Paw Patrol and PILLOW PETS latest products with more in depth information to the products in separate posts:

Read the latest from LeapFrog here.

Read the latest from Paw Patrol here.

Read the latest from PILLOW PETS here

Be sure to check back soon to see all the upcoming products that will be out in time for Christmas! There is loads of things that you and especially the kids will want to get their hands on!!


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