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Essence Newbie Product Picks

Essence are a brand that I don’t have much of or ever trialled much but I have heard lots about them through other beauty bloggers who will always chat about the value for money and how cheap the cosmetics prices are.

Essence have a large range of newbie products that have made their way onto the market and in stores now. I have teamed up with Essence for a little product pick of the items that are HOT from them!

3D eyeshadow (07)
The silver and white shimmer duo make for an awesome smokey eye kit. 
The silver isn’t much of a colour that I personally would use for a base but it would make for the corners to really set in a good smokey eye shading.
The white is a gorgeous light color which is perfect to put in the inner corners of your eyes to make them pop! 
This eyeshadow duo is light on your eyelids and was easy to blend in with other shades. 

Silky Touch Blush (80)
A color burst that really catches you by surprise. I looked at the color through the packaging and thought Mmm no this isn’t for me but as a beauty blogger I’m pushed out of my comfort zones and required to try new things and this was one that really was something that you’ld say don’t judge a book by its cover. 
A stunning peachy color that is perfect for the spring festivals and what’s left of the races! 

Longlasting Lipstick 14 (Red) 
A rare red lipstick that actually suits my skin tone and doesn’t make me feel like a clown. 
The lipstick did feel a little dry on my lips but with a pop of lipgloss either underneath or ontop it helped. 

The Lash Curler – Volume and Curl Mascara

My kind of style mascara – curling and volumizing. Although I didn’t see too much curling in my eyelashes I did see the volumizing part to it where the mascara would come out a very dark black making my lashes look like their was more and they were lushious-ly thick.

The little clear case that goes around the top of the wand was a little annoying moving around during application and would make little clanging noises.

Lash Princess Volume Mascara

For me this volume mascara was more in the volumizing way of individually applying mascara to each and every lash making the lashes look more and to stand out as a separate eyelash.

A mascara that was fancy shaped and very elegant for the ladies with lacing on the wand lid and the image of a corset as the front design it shows femininity.

Nail Art Sparkle Sand and Top Coat

Now nail polish sands that I have tried before haven’t sat well with me because it’s just too rough and was an annoyance being on my nails but Essence’s sparkle sand and top coat was something different then the norm, upping the standard to not be so rough on your nails and feel uncomfortable this was alright to wear and barely even felt like sand on the nails rather looking like little sparkly crystal specs than anything.

Studio Nails Pro White Glow 

A simple top coat or just clear nail polish to allow the fresh natural look with a shine is exactly what to expect from Studio Nails Pro White Glow. Pop this over the top of your base nail polish for extra shine or have alone.

For the photo above please see the difference from my thumb with the pro white glow on it and the index finger without the pro white glow on it.


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