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The Art of Being Happy – Bloggers Brunch Sydney

Earlier this year I took part in the Bloggers Brunch that was held here in Melbourne and was lucky enough to be invited up to the Sydney event this time around.
As soon as I received the invitation their was no questions asked I headed straight for the airlines website to book my tickets there and back.
Since being with Kids Business I have not looked back. They have introduced me to so many big brand names that I probably wouldn’t have been able to work with at this stage in my blogging career.
The Bloggers Brunch in quick is a networking event that allows Bloggers to come along and met with brands as well as other fellow bloggers in a casual laid back setting. Being dined with catering and sampling or testing out the products on show from the brands.
It’s an event well spent getting to have a mingle with other bloggers and met those mums behind the blog. I have made many friends through blogging and it’s nice to finally meet the faces behind the blogs that I have developed an online friendship with.

This particular Bloggers Brunch show cased brands:

Who were showing us their The Boss blender which does so many things within seconds – sorbets, raw food mixes dips, smoothies; you know it!
The Boss blender is something I desperately need in my kitchen for my healthy lifestyle that I currently lead – using The Boss would be so much more cheaper to make up my meal mixes without all the nasties in store brought and ready items.

The snacks up for tastings at this table were divine! I highly recommend the shortbread Christmas biscuits – with added ingredients like pistachio, glaced cherries and dried apricot these would have to be now my favourite Christmas treat that I will be sadly missing when it goes away after Christmas. I do hope my local keeps well stocked as I will be there on the regular fixing those pregnant woman like cravings!

My little darl and I are no stranger to this brand. Niah grew up on having this brand and was my trusted go to brand that I liked and would recommend to other mums. Giving children as close to the natural product as possible was my idea of baby food. Children don’t need to be introduced to the processed, additive, fast and nasties that early in life so having a brand like Only Organic was something I grew to appreciate and love.
Only Organic had all there pureed foods and rice cakes for sampling in which my little one would have had a ball at and would have most likely had to be pulled from the table in tears from not wanting to leave.

Something I have never really looked much into was home security on our internet. This isn’t something that I would look into right now for the kids security side of things but definitely when Niah and the other little cherubs that we plan to have grow up it will be 100% a must have – with all those bad sites and predators that lurk on the internet it’s a necessity.

As a new Mum I didn’t know what brands and products I should be buying and once I was recommended a brand a few times I would just go and purchase that item instead of finding out if it suited what I needed and worked well in the tech areas of what I was looking for.
Oricom was a brand that I had never looked into when it came to baby monitoring but now that I have seen their products on show at the Bloggers Brunch I am definitely wanting to get Oricom into the home with sensor pads, large display screens and remote moving cameras these monitors are high listed in my baby must haves now.

Again this is a brand I knew little about being a new Mum, I didn’t know InfaSecure made car seats – I have an InfaSecure highchair in the home which we love dearly but that’s as fair as the relationship with InfaSecure went and what I knew they made. 
I was gifted a car seat at my baby shower from my family so I just have stuck with what I was given and knew nothing about any other brands that specialise in car seats so seeing InfaSecure at Bloggers Brunch was really handy for me. 
InfaSecure had these amazingly comfortable car seats on show the caprice and the new Isofix which we were able to see ahead of the market and retailers, that was pretty cool!
Instantly I saw that InfaSecure we much more padded for comfort and way more stylish. I was really impressed with the easy turn of the Compressor Isofix into the rear facing to forward facing design. This is definitely something I want in my car for Niah and for my ongoing future babies. 
Cold meats are nothing unknown in this household, they make the perfect hot nights dinner with some salad. The perfect entertainer on a platter. Now made healthier for you by being made with olive oil.
I have never really looked into the brands I was buying from when it came to cold meats but once again Bloggers Brunch have done it again and shown me a new brand that I will abide by.
HANS Oliving were the perfect thin sliced cut meats that didn’t leave that nasty after taste for me, it was quality meats just by the look of it and just as good as when you taste it. 

I actually tasted one of the flavours from the Shapes Light & Crispy range before the Bloggers Brunch as I was given a sample pack of them at an expo I had attended. I had tried the tasty cheddar and chives which I thought was delicious! Having Arnott’s at the event was a delight as I was able to taste the rest of the range; no disappointment fell from tasting the others but I will say that tasty cheddar and chives is still my favourite!
With 75% less saturated fat this one ticked my box and will be a snack that I will turn too. 

I have heard so many things about Omo being good for sensitive skin as we all know my skin is the worst when it comes to allergic reactions, still to this day I haven’t tried Omo as I am just too scared of breaking out in rashes. We were given samples which I am eager to test out and see how they go on my skin. Something I loved was the scents of the products – the real crisp and clean smell we all long for in our homes. 

A brand that my Mum lives by in her home vacuum but me however I am still working off my 19th birthday hoover vacuum which is on its last legs – last Bloggers Brunch we were introduced to the vacuum cleaner side of things but this time around was the BLADELESS fans ‘Dyson Air’ that double as a bubble machine as demonstrated in the above photo with Maryann from Domestic Divinity.
These air coolers were just very stylish, modern and super safe for our beloved children in the household! Watch this space as I will be reviewing on shortly!!

I’ve worked with The Nappy Collective several times through my blog as you will have seen in the past and they are an organisation that I am very strongly supportive of. We donated in the last drive they recently had giving them over 100 nappies to the less fortunate. 
You can read more about them in my previous posts here.

Rhian (The Healthy Mummy) and myself
Another one you will be familiar with when I did a giveaway with The Healthy Mummy and featured through my social media channels. I have taken all sorts of tips and recipes from Rhian and they’ve come in such great hand to me in my everyday healthy living lifestyle I now lead, well 80% of the time anyways haha! 
The Kids Business events are always the place to be and provide you with great opportunities with the chance of gaining new friends and building ongoing blogging work relationships. 

All the bloggers and brands at Bloggers Brunch
Photo credit: Kids Business


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