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OZSALE – everyday shopping at bargain prices!

OZSALE is delivering the goods for us this Christmas! 
Don’t even leave your couch this year to surround your Christmas tree with those gifts for all those dear to you! OZSALE have you covered and will cater to everyone! 
OZSALE launched in 2007 and currently has 13 millions members who are entitled to these amazing offers of up to 80% off retail prices! 
Christmas is always a time that comes at such a mini fortune expensive – not that, that part ever comes into our minds because it’s for those who are worth it and deserve every cent spent on them. 
If we can save some $$ at the same time as spoil those loved ones wouldn’t that be just the best?!!  

Easy navigation side bars to find what you’re really looking for

OZSALE put me to the test and wanted my thoughts on how I found them. 

I have only ever ordered from OZSALE once before when I brought these gorgeous sparkle stilettos about 5 years ago. Since then I hadn’t ever gone back because I was afraid of the amounts of money I would spend. 
I retried OZSALE and found literally something for everyone in my family for this festive season at bargain prices! 
OZSALE release several new sales each day which go for numerous amounts of days and then the sale is gone – so you need to get in quick before it ends if not before it sells out which seemed to be my problem quite a few times when looking through the brand sales. 
I was able to see sales upcoming with a time that they will open for purchasing and started to set alarms for when they started – ehkkk I think I’m going to have to start working overtime soon if I continue to purchase a billion things! I honestly can’t help myself; I’m finding that I’ll be constantly browsing the sight to see what savings I can get.

Sales showing time ending or time starting

I really liked that OZSALE have a mobile app that allows you to easily shop anywhere and is mobile friendly with a screen that is easy to scroll through the sales.

Mobile version

Full web version

The only downside for me would be that OZSALE at times is that you have to wait a long period of time for some of the items to arrive as they come directly from overseas or you are waiting for the sale to finish first.
If you do have an occasion you need to buy for that is upcoming best to get organised early to ensure you leave enough shipping time for arrival.


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