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KX Pilates Mornington

Lately I have noticed the real changes in my body. It’s the change I can see in my body when I look in the mirror. It’s the change of being able to walk into a normal store now and pick up clothing that will fit. I am feel so much more happier within myself and more confident with myself.
It has always been on my bucket list to experience every type of exercise there is to offer and doing pilates assisted with a machine was high on the list.

KX Pilates in Mornington invited me along to try out there classes with two styles of KX 1 Beginners and KX 2 Intermediate. KX Pilates in Mornington is located in prime location of Main Street, Mornington; right down the road from the beach. Entry into the studio is accessible via the back of the studio or via Main Street.

After entering the studio doors a sense of calmness and relaxation comes over you from the well set out, stunning decor of the studio. As you breathe in the air filled with gorgeous lingering aromas of burning incense with the earthy tones of green and light browns. The realness of having the wood enclosing the pilates beds and mirrors make up a first class luxury feel.


KX Pilates is a workout that goes for 50 mins delivering a high intensity, body-toning power workout to increase flexibility, balance and coordination. This is done by recruiting the most number of muscle fibres in the shortest amount of time, and by reducing the time between sets.
It’s a new style of training which works by targeting the whole body through continuous, precise, controlled movements and functional exercises that increase the intensity of the workout, whilst at the same time engaging the core and delivering cardiovascular conditioning. This burns more calories per minute, resulting in a much stronger post-exercise reaction. In other words – after a KX Pilates class, you will continue to burn calories hours after the class has finished!

Now if that description which is written on the KX Pilates website doesn’t get you wanting to get into the studio to experience what the workout is all about especially the part of ‘after the class you are still burning calories’ then you will never know what you are missing out on!

My first class was the KX 2 Intermediate at 6am on a hump day Wednesday morning taught by the owner Charmaine. I will tell you that I was pretty nervous due to me not knowing how my core would cope after having a baby, that I would make a lot of mistakes and be the one in the class who would need the extra guidance delaying everyone during class whilst I got special attention to correct my poor form but to my astonishment my body was very adapting. I doubted myself too much and was proved in my first pilates session that I am capable of more credit than I give my body and that my body is stronger then what I thought, which for anyone this is quite impressing.

I have bad knees due to having small kneecaps and not having the correct muscles contracting when I am using my quads and am having to attend physiotherapy to get my muscles working altogether so for me lunges cain my knees something shocking and I am very limited to the movement and bend I can actually get in my lunges. In KX Pilates you will do lunges on the pilates beds which felt so much better on my knees and I was able to perform the exercise and not have to do something else for a change.
Charmaine was an outstanding instructor who I understood clearly and was able to easily follow with her instructions during class and I left my first class with a high, starting my day strong and rejuvenated.

To be honest I thought of the first class as being a little to easy for me, I didn’t feel like I was working hard but the sweat was all over me, showing me that I was doing it hard. Usually for myself to get into such a hot sweat I need to go for a run or hard cycle session to get that much sweat happening.
Later that night when I putting myself in bed for the night and laid down; BAM it hit me! My obliques were hurting.  The next morning; BAM again! It was 10 x worse than what I experienced the night before. I couldn’t cough, laugh or bend down without my core hurting. It was that moment of wow, there is core muscles in there that I never knew I had. 
The second class I did was a KX 1 Beginners on a Friday at 5pm. Instructor Duncan was on that night with a background of Exercise Physiology, Duncan incorporates this into his classes.
KX 1 Beginners definitely was different to what I experienced with KX 2 Intermediate, I felt as though this class worked more on stretching your muscles and being light workout on your body.

Duncan used a lot of big words with the larger name terms of muscle contractions or movements which had me a little confused at times, feeling a bit flustered. Duncan would spot my confusion or stumbles and come over for extra assistance to prevent myself from injury incorrect positions.

I scheduled in a 5pm class with the thoughts of it being a small intimate session with next to no one in their but boy, was I majorly wrong! It was a packed class – no pilates bed was left empty. I think everyone had the same idea of starting their weekend with some good unwinding KX Pilates. 

Doing a Friday night class was something I wanted to unwind down with after a long busy week and get myself ready for the weekends events. The class left my body and my mind feeling refreshed.

During each class you are given the alternative options of harder and easier to work at your own level of fitness. The instructors will tell you what color springs mean what and how much effort they will require with each spring that you load on in that particular exercise. 

KX Pilates Mornington studio has a complete serenity feel. The studio had a real friendly welcome feeling which lead you to believe that everyone knew each other outside of the class but in fact didn’t.
I immediately felt at ease walking through the studio doors – it was everything from the trainers make you feel very comfortable and will assist you throughout the class should you need extra explaining to understand what positions you should be in, the aromas, the sparkling clean room, the setup outlay of the studio to the calming music played in the background.
The trainers are constantly walking up and down the pilates beds throughout the class to ensure that everyone is preforming the exercises correctly.

Personally for me I think my fitness levels are at a KX 2 Intermediate. I am super keen on heading back into KX Pilates that I have already booked myself in for more 6am sessions!! Bring on this summer body I long for. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to be introduced to Charmaine and her Mornington studio team and to the KX Pilates as a form of exercise.

MEET CHARMAINE – Owner/ Trainer at KX Pilates Mornington

Charmaine is a vibrant, inspiring, admirable and down to earth fitness lover who has been in the industry for 7 and 1/2 years doing Personal Training and then became accredited with KX Pilates.
I asked Charmaine what was it about KX Pilates that she loved, Charmaine responded by saying that it was how the exercise helps with your posture, works your core, lengthens and strengthens your body and is an all over body workout.

Charmaine’s passion towards KX Pilates came from being a former member at the Port Melbourne KX Pilates club where she would attend during her previous career working in finance. Once Charmaine started at Port Melbourne it was something that became a dream of owning a business in the fitness industry. Charmaine got out of her comfort zone and went for it, making that 2 year dream reality.

Book in for your classes with Charmaine and the team at: KX Pilates Mornington

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