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Daiso Blogger Breakfast Event

Attending a blogging event is always a pleasure for me, it’s a great chance to network with other bloggers, public relation companies and get to know the brand/company better.

This was my first bloggers breakfast through my blogging time and I was super excited to start my day early – not that, that is any different in my lifestyle now being a busy Mumma and having a lifestyle of loving to greet the day at early hours. 
Daiso Flinders Street exclusively invited along some very lucky bloggers which included myself to an intimate breakfast with a healthy styled breakfast buffet. A menu to die for! Courtesy of the catering company HealthyByte.

Daiso is a store I got to know through my blog a couple of years back now and have currently got my first purchases ever made from Daiso still sitting on my kitchen table chairs; floral printed chair cushions. 

You may recall my first ever post about Daiso from when they opened their Flinders Street store; to recap go here.
I don’t often get to visit Daiso as their isn’t a location close to myself without the travel of about an hour close to CBD, I’ll no longer be attending any other Daiso store apart from the Flinders Street main CBD store!
Why? Because this is the largest Daiso in Australia – with the huge array of products covering all your needs in the one store from stationary (their biggest seller), kitchenware, storage solutions, gardening, toys, beauty, home decor and much, much more!
What’s so fabulous about Daiso is that EVERYTHING in store is $2.80, not a cent more.
The way most will describe Daiso is a Japanese Reject Shop but it’s a lot cheaper and has way more to offer the bargain hunters!

All the packaging comes in Japanese but there is of course the English line so you can understand what exactly you are purchasing.
Daiso items are very kitsch, kawaii styled; lots of cute, fun and very innovative products!
Your everyday essentials are made fun, with each product you pick up; it will make you smile with their touch of kawaii added in.

Daiso Flinders Street was opened up in 2013 and is located in perfect prime location of right across the road from Flinders Street side entrance location on the corner of Queen Street. You’ll need the close by car or train as you’ll walk out just like myself – arms full of bags, even if it wasn’t something you needed, you’ll end up purchasing so many other things just because they’re cute or fun.

Daiso kindly gifted us lucky bloggers who attended the Bloggers Breakfast with a $50 voucher to shop till we drop and that’s exactly what I did! Spending over the budget with a total overall bill of over $70.

Here is my Daiso haul below – 

Carting all the goodies home
Over 30 items for just over $70

From L to R in haul photo:
Small Yellow Apple Chopping Board
Christmas Decor Snowflake
Kawaii Rabbit Money Boxes x2 (white and pink)
Green Ice Cream Cups x2
Yellow and Green small metal rises
Green Ice Cream Ball Scooper
Wooden Plate Stand
Plastic Refillable Bottle Dispenser
Black Handle Scissors
Black Pens (bulk buy value)
Small Ceramic Floral Bowl
Mini circular candles x2 (white and pink)
Mini floral white and pink plates x2
Plastic Candy Jar
Christmas Decor ‘Merry Christmas’ Banner
Ceramic Small White Teapot
Christmas Decor Ceramic Santa with Dangly Legs
Beauty Pore Masks
Food Cutter Pen
Pink Food Bag Clips
Pink Mango Pip Slicer
Pink Bow Girls Hairclips
Chocolate Moulds
Pen Holder
Fridge Magnet Holder Clips
Hot Sap Feet Toxin Removal Pads
Pink Diamond Contact Lenses Case

2015 Inspirational Wall Calendar

And I’ll leave you with the snaps of the morning:


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