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HoMedics NEWA skin rejuvenation system REVIEW

A little while ago you will have seen my post about the newest product to come from HoMedics which shared information about the NEWA skin rejuvenation system that I was into my first few days of trialling. I’m back to report on how I went with the NEWA skin rejuvenation system after days 30-40.

As I said in my first post I really wasn’t sure how I would go and if this product was right for me being that I am still young and not within that target age range that the NEWA skin rejuvenation system is aimed for, the NEWA skin rejuvenation system trail for me was more of a prevention as to what my skin may face when I get older.

I won’t make this post about the information of the NEWA as you will be able to head over to my other post for the NEWA skin rejuvenation system for all the details needed, this post will cover how I went on the trial and my final thoughts of the product overall.

I’ve broken it down for you into what I thought were the top three (3) pros and cons about NEWA.

Top 3 Pros:
DIY at home
Inexpensive compared to salon treatments
Small, compact and easy to use

Top 3 Cons:
Time needed to run a full session
Short cord and needing to be near a powerpoint
Upfront purchase commitment

I’ll go into detail with chatting over my cons as to why I put these down-
I understand that when you want something to happen you need to commit to the hard hours but sometimes having 20 mins isn’t always something do-able when you’re a busy Mum who runs around all day with a 24/7 job. Although when you use the NEWA over time you will become a pro and not need to sit in-front of a mirror to watch what you are doing and can take the NEWA to the couch it’s where I found the short cord became a problem, also being that you need to sit near a powerpoint to use the device.

Committing to a large product price tag of the NEWA skin rejuvenation system of $499 is a big chunk to come out of the pocket, whilst we can all justify that if things are worth the price than we are more than happy to work out the cost expense into the budget somehow but for those who struggle to allow a big wad of cash go on a device it would be nice to have an offering of instalment payments like you see on those TV shop ads where you pay upfront delivery and then 30 days after start paying x amount for a few months until you have fully paid the device off. This would also go in well with their 60 day guarantee of the NEWA which I chatted about in my previous post.

Moving onto where my skin is currently at and how I feel the NEWA skin rejuvenation system worked for me.
Taking on the NEWA I didn’t expect much of a change to be honest because of my age so I knew that trialling this product I may have to wait a few more years to see the beneficial changes from using the NEWA. For now I can tell you that I am still feeling that tightness in my skin from the areas I would rub the NEWA over, my skin is feeling more plump and like it has renewed skin that has come off a newborn baby.
This may sound silly but its like my face had a mini makeup, whilst it may not look like it through my pictures but I feel like my face has been thinned out. My face feels tighter and more pulled together rather than just having skin hanging over it.

Day 15
Day 30 – 40

If you can afford the NEWA skin rejuvenation system it’s worth a shot, if I am feeling like this with no wrinkles and at such a young age – imagine what you can gain from it with the target aim skin.

Newa is a Skin Rejuvenation System that reduces wrinkles naturally. Clinically proven to firm, tighten and lift skin by reactivating your skin’s natural ability to produce collagen, Newa reduces wrinkles by up to 45% in just 12 weeks all in the comfort of your own home. For more info visit Available now at Shaver Shop $499 rrp.

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