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CALLOUT: Bobux Xplorer Kids Shoes

A few weeks ago I was spending a lot of time encouraging my daughter to walk, she would share a few steps with us and then need to rest before she went again but now you see this little girl walking and trying to run around, thinking that she has been doing this for a very long time!

My Niah started walking at 15 months (a few weeks ago) and it’s come the time where we had to purchase shoes for Niah. As a first time Mum I was a little clueless as to what I should be looking for but then you just need to go over your common practice and put it into perspective of what you would look for in a shoe for yourself; you want something comfortable, supportive and allows you to move easily (kudos to all us ladies who wear killer heels just to match our outfits).

There is nothing more annoying then having uncomfortable shoes as we all know so it’s important that we don’t place our babies in those situations too. Unfortunately our little darls can’t tell us if shoes are hurting them or are uncomfortable so we need to watch and see how are children walk in them.

Bobux are a premium NZ company who are launching their new designer shoe ‘Xplorer‘ in February 2015; which is a shoe designed especially for children who are “learning to walk”; sometimes walking – sometimes crawling. At the cutting edge of children’s fashion the Xplorer shoe is made for parents that seek something different and appreciate great design.

The Xplorer is robust while being extremely lightweight and flexible. It allows the child’s foot to move unrestricted, while offering enough protection to keep their feet warm and dry. Although designed for children of the “learning to walk” stage, Bobux has had great wear-test results and feedback from children who wear these whilst walking full time.

Bobux are looking for 120 pairs of little feet who are just learning to walk. If you have a little one who is about to walk, is still crawling or freshly on their feet – Bobux want to invite you to try their newest shoe; the Xplorer.

These designer “learning to walk” shoes are packaged in a limited edition tube and are the first release of our newest product; if you are one of the lucky 120 families chosen you will be the first in the world to experience the Xplorer shoe before they get released!

The 120 families selected will be contacted after January 19 to be advised that their free pair of Xplorer shoes are coming and due to arrive in late January 2015.

If you think you’re in need of some Bobux Xplorer in your house then head here to apply. You can find which size would best suit your little one here.

Applications close 5pm on Monday 19th January, 2015.


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