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Omo Ultimate / Jif Bathroom Spray REVIEW

Cleaning isn’t one of my favourite things to do but it helps when you have good reliable products that will get the job and aid you by making it easier.

There is so many products on the market that it makes it hard to decide which one you should be using within your home so you look for those stand out labels on the bottle which Jif Bathroom Spray is labelled as ‘easy lift’ well into the trolley it would go right?
Jif Easy Lift Bathroom Spray falls nothing short of what it has been marketed as.

Cleaning the bathroom and toilets are the worst when it comes to the household cleaning but it needs to done as you need to be able to get yourself clean in a clean area.

When Niah and I take baths there is always a bath bomb filling up the tub with stunning colours but when the water drains out after the bath you are left with colourful marks from where the water line was sitting and where the bath bomb would dissolve its final pieces, these can be stubborn stains if you don’t tackle them quickly after.

We are now keeping Jif Easy Lift Bathroom Spray underneath the bathroom sink so we can wash over the bath straight afterwards.

I found that the Jif Easy Lift Bathroom Spray was great for the scum build up that develops at the bottom of the shower and you could leave this on for a few minutes and then wash away with water barely even needing to get down on your hands and knees to scrub the area.

I’ll be honest and tell you I don’t like the smell from the spray, it smells like public toilets in which I would have really liked to have a scent that came in the spray to give it that crisp fresh feeling when you walked in but this can be fixed with a quick spray over some air freshener.

Having a nearly 18 month old who runs around the house, likes to have messy experiences, feed herself and be free is what we encourage in this house like I’m sure what most households go through as well but it wouldn’t be in the best interest of the clothing pieces that Niah wears. We have made sure that home clothes are always dark ones now or the clothing pieces that we don’t want to get too dirty.

I love dressing Niah up in gorgeous pieces of clothing but when I see marks on them I am one of those mothers who freaks out and will be worrying over whether the stain will get out when I get the washing done next.
Omo Ultimate states that it will remove stains from up to 48hr hours, so I tested it out and not necessarily would it come out straight away – it would need a little bit of a soak and need some extra force of stain removal sprays to completely get those stains out.

What I do love about the Omo brand in washing detergents is that they smell gorgeous. It’s that refreshing freshly washed clothing smell you look for when you are going through your clothing at times to see if it’s still alright to wear or if you actually did wash this piece of clothing.

Omo have a large range of detergents out and even one that has been highly recommended by many for sensitive skin – which that would fall perfectly into my line of purchasing for the highly sensitive skin I unfortunately have.

Omo liquid detergent comes in an easy pour bottle thats liquid is coloured blue, don’t worry no stains or marks come of it. I much prefer to use liquids as I know that you won’t be left with white marks or crumbles of white powder left on your clothing which used to happen when we using washing powders.


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