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Baby Jogger Summit X3 REVIEW

Keeping active is something we enjoy doing in this house. I love getting out into some fresh air and being able to take Niah exploring around our local areas as well as doing the trips to some attractions that have caught our eye.

Prams will be the key essential to any family who wants to get out and be active with the family especially the little ones who won’t be able to keep up with you in those long treks.
The key things we all look for in prams are price, durability, comfort and style – correct?

I have a pram that you will want to hear about as I have put the Baby Jogger Summit X3 to the test under my busy lifestyle and am happily able to tell you that I am pretty satisfied with the pram over all.
To begin with everyone knows I have another high end pram that I have stuck by since the day I got it and I was really unsure as to whether I could be convinced to convert to another brand of a pram but Baby Jogger has opened my mind and changed what I used to say.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 is a pram that is good for outdoor activity, with three (3) it is easily manoeuvrable around your path way. The front wheel can be locked to continuously stay straight with little turning space or you can have them unlocked to be able to move with you easily. What makes it even more simpler for you is you can control this wheel movement by the handlebar which has an added feature of a remote wheel lock, no more bending over mid exercise to change it all over.
The pram works well on all terrain and doesn’t need to be just a pram you would seek out for outdoor use, it’s just as wonderful indoors slipping in and out of shop isles, tight clothing racks and more.

Something I didn’t like though was the non adjustable handlebar – although it lucked out that it was the right height for me, I could imagine other users struggling to use the pram at their own comfort level due to their height. I did really like that the handlebar was rubber – compared to my pram which is a foam one which gets dirty easier.

The easy set up and put away of this pram really was one of the features that caught my eye and had me saying wow and bragging to anyone who was with me when I was using the pram. Juggling kids, the shopping, a handbag and whatever else whilst you are getting in or out of the car with the pram isn’t the smoothest things we do in our life but Baby Jogger will have you covered with a simple pull of one single strap, the pram folds out and away you go.

I did think that it was a bit of a heavy weight pram that needed some muscle power behind it to get into the car.

Being a one piece pram it took up next to no room in the territory for me and was way better on grocery shopping days to get everything in.

The seat part was a bit of a hit and miss for me. The seat doesn’t sit completely upright which would make my little girl look uncomfortable most of the time but I don’t think she actually was as Niah never complained but it just didn’t look right. In our other pram Niah is usually sitting with a little bit of a recline but it’s nice to have the option of allowing your child to sit completely upright.
What I did like about the seat was that you have this large foot resting part that allows you to catch things that get thrown down there by your little one before they reach the floor.
The full recline where the child is laying down has a mesh open air vent to keep your baby cool during their pram time.

The hood/canopy has two other air vents on each side; which I really liked about the pram as we don’t have those sorts of things on our pram and during those times when it’s hot and you need to be using the hood/canopy to be keeping the sun off the child, they aren’t getting a breeze at all without those air vents.
There are two ‘peek-a-boo’ windows that allow you to be able to see what your child is doing whilst in the pram, dependent on where you have the hood/canopy extended to so you will always be able to see your little one when the hood/canopy is covering your little one. This also allows your child to check you are still in sight and be able to have a fun cheeky little game of ‘peek-a-boo’ as well.

The hood/canopy is a UPF 50+ which is well thought through for the summer weather we get here. The hood/canopy pulls down to a really well long coverage for your child. Niah had this come right down to her knees just with her little toes peeping out at the bottom in the sunshine.

The large under basket was good to be able to place shopping and your handbag into, accessible by both the back and the sides.

You’ll notice that the ‘runaway strap’ is at the bottom of the pram not at the top near the handlebar which I am still unsure on how I feel about it being there. Whilst I like the runaway strap at the handlebar so I can have my arm wrapped around it at all times should their be something bad to happen, it seems more practical to have it at the bottom so you can grab ahold of the pram not bring it down with you if you had the runaway strap at the handlebars.

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 can be used as a travel system in which you can place a capsule onto the pram rather then having the seat for the young ones. These will be extras that you will need to purchase separately from the pram as standard purchase will come with the seat.

We were given a black with grey colour Summit X3 for use and I think this was a perfect unisex colour that will suit everyone’s likings. The dark colours are also better for those little ones who do get a little messy at times within the pram during use.
The material is very much easy to wipe clean should this get dirty. Niah is always spilling things all over her whether it be drinks or food and cleaning the Summit X3 was just as easy to get off as it was easy for Niah to put on.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 is around the price mark of $749, which I consider to be a very well priced pram on the market. The Summit X3 is definitely something I would be looking into if I was to change prams.


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