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Strictly Ballroom The Musical REVIEW

I’ll be completely honest with you and tell you that I have never seen Strictly Ballroom the musical because I didn’t think it was my type of movie and thing to watch but as the say goes don’t judge a book by its cover I decided to give it a go.

Nuffnang did a callout to bloggers who were interested in tickets to go along and see the show in which I applied thinking if I don’t get tickets I won’t be too upset as there is probably die hard lovers out there who would enjoy the show more then myself but was lucky enough to secure tickets in the second lot of ticket allocations and in which then I wanted to try and watch the movie before the show, but never got around to it so I went full cold turkey into this stage show not knowing what to except or what the storyline was about apart from it had ballroom dancing; obviously from the name.

I took a girlfriend out with me and we made it a girls night. I have been really getting into the stage shows lately so I was excited to see another live performance.

Strictly Ballroom is playing at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne up until early June and is around $57-$113 for tickets depending upon seating allocation. Tickets can be purchased at the Ticketek website.

This was my first time also visiting Her Majesty’s Theatre which is located on Exhibition Street in main CBD Melbourne. In prime location for parking and public transport.
Upon walking into the theatre when doors opened to be seated there was sparkly sequin seat covers on which I thought was a little old school thinking that this was how the theatre actually was but no this was for the crowd engagement for Strictly Ballroom.
They divided us into four different colours matching a team of the ballroom dancers on stage in which it would match us to who we would cheer for come that time, it wasn’t till I was cheering for everyone that my girlfriend said ‘Umm, you’re not that color seat’ little bit of a duh moment for me there and thats when I understood that the seats were coloured for the show.

The freeze frames of Strictly Ballroom was fantastic, it was like you had pressed pause and they all stopped whilst the show teller/narrator would come in to tell you about what was happening or what was too happen.

Costumes were strong in sparkle and had that very older style ballroom look to them. Colour was all over the stage in their costumes and kudos are sent to the team behind the scenes who made such amazing pieces.

The choreography of Strictly Ballroom was on point which flawless dancing that makes ballroom dancing such a simple looking thing but unfortunately for this uncoordinated person it isn’t that simple.

Strictly Ballroom was a musical that had you clapping in your seat and having a little boogie as well.
At the end of the show the stage performers were inviting anyone and everyone who wanted to have a dance to come up on stage in which the stage was filling up pretty quickly and left the seats next to bare.

Her Majesty’s Theatre’s downfall is there is little leg room for you in the stalls and you feel very crammed in, at points I was afraid to move my legs incase I would interrupt the person in front of me with a knee to the back.

I definitely recommend you go and see the show, I had a ball watching the show and being able to get involved with clapping and cheering on the performers.


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