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National Craft Month with Spotlight & KidsBusiness

Mid last week Niah and I took part in an event celebrating National Craft Month with Spotlight & KidsBusiness who hosted an extraordinary event that would be a crafters heaven.

I know my blog doesn’t have such a focus in the past but this is something I am about to start getting into as we know, I have little Niah who is 18 months old now and I’m forever racking my brain and google’s brains too for ideas on what to do to keep miss Niah entertained. 
Not only keeping Niah entertained but it’s assisting her in developing if not new skills then perfecting those skills that are already there. 
Late last week I received my first coloring picture from Niah’s care that Niah had done for me, it was such a special thing for me and takes it’s residing home on the fridge. I’m super keen to have many ‘one of a kind’ art pieces from the artist herself Niah filling our home walls and to gift to family members. 
We started out Craft Month by attending this event and then we attended The Colour Club at Highpoint yesterday where Niah received a colouring book and could sit down mid shopping experience to have some down time and be set free from the pram. 

National Craft Month with Spotlight & KidsBusiness displayed a voluminous room with so many different ways of experiencing craft with our little ones or activities that we could partake in, in our own down time that can be purchased within Spotlight stores. To be completely honest I am not so familiar with what Spotlight have as I have only really visited Spotlight for curtains, material and balloons. Attending this event was a real eye opener to what Spotlight is now as a store and what they hold within their stores. 
The stalls at the event really covered something for everyone with themes of:
  • Fun for Kids
  • Scrapbooking/Paper Craft
  • DIY Craft for older children/adults
  • Sew and Quilt
  • Yarn
  • Cake Decorating
  • Art and Craft
Photo Credit: Alison Todd for KidsBusiness
My favourites would have to be the cake decorating, tie dye kits and the scrapbooking/paper craft areas. Why?

Cake Decorating – 
It’s always been an interest of mine but just I’m one of those people who is a little impatient and if it doesn’t turn out right will get really frustrated. It needs to be perfect and I could be their for hours if it doesn’t turn out right so I think classes will be good for me to go to. What I liked about the stall was that you could do make a fondant rose and you had an expert there to guide you along. It was so easy and I would have never thought that it would be easy to get a rose made from fondant so I guess it really is a ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ moment.

Tie Dye Kits – 
Ever since Niah was little I have wanted to do a funky tie dye romper for her as I think their super duper cute but I wasn’t sure how to go about dying them the different colours and really need to research tie dying before I could attempt it but the Tie Dye Kits that are now in Spotlight make it that much easier with a kit filled with all you need except for the clothing piece. 

Scrapbooking/Paper Craft – 
Through my teenage days I would scrapbook like no tomorrow and create gifts that would hold such memories with beautiful photos and decorating that would really create a personal touch but as I got busy with working, studying and of course now being a Mum it’s not always the easiest task. By the time I’ve got my work station set up for scrapbooking and diving through my box of scrapbooking goodies it feels like I’ve used up all my energy and motivation. I loved being able to see the new Scrapbooking items out and it’s inspired me to get active with it again and create a book about Niah.  Spotlight have new light up letters (featured above in photo) that are definitely were on my list to get straight away after the event. The trend for letter lights is huge now and we would love to add to the lights we have in Niah’s room already.
Upon leaving the event we were spoilt with several goodies bags and a store voucher in to toe to be creative at home with DIY products that were on show and demonstrated to us at the event. 
Spotlight are celebrating all month long in stores with activities, creative demonstrations, VIP discounts, giveaways and competitions. Head to their website to find out more. 
Follow us on Instagram: @njtblogger to see what we get up to in National Craft Month thanks to Spotlight.

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