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Day 10 – Maxine’s Shape Up Challenge

Today wasn’t a so great day for me. Well… should I say this afternoon.
I woke up feeling fine and got myself all ready for gym, cooked breakfast for Niah and myself then went to get the little sleepy head up so we didn’t miss care and Mummy could get to her gym class but I was feeling a little bit off… I just thought maybe it’s because I need a few extra zzz time or that possibly I was getting cramps for the dreaded girly time.

Anyways, off I went to gym and did a 1 hour cardio session doing a cycle class – well let’s just say I had the wrong underwear on and never knew you could get underwear burn on your bottom.
I’m sure I’m with many others out there that say that the cycle class bikes are not the comfiest seats in the world and I always walk away with a sore butt bone.

Coming home to then make myself a Maxine’s Burn protein shake – Choc Latte still of choice because my protein powders haven’t come in yet – grr very frustrating and then it all began – bam my stomach starting hurting like no tomorrow, it was a horrible pain that made me feel like I was getting morning sickness, having labour contractions and anything else that pains the stomach.
It was shower and bed for me for a nap to try and get this pain away so Niah and I crawled into bed for an afternoon snooze. I couldn’t even think about having lunch beforehand as it felt like I was going to throw up everywhere.

Once I woke up my stomach pain wasn’t as horrible but it was still there except this time around it was more of a feeling like I had been drinking all night long and was on a serious hangover. The only thing I could think of treating the pain in my stomach was with junk food which is what would always help me after a night out, unfortunately I gave into that and went and got takeaway.  BAD NIKITA, BAD!

Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day.

I’ll leave you with some of my foodie pics:

Breakfast this morning: 3 egg whites, 1 yolk omelette with spinach
Last nights dinner: Cajun/Cayenne spicy grilled chicken with garden salad

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